Flannigan's Right Hook
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Flannigan's Right Hook

Date: Sept 03, 2022
Time: 4:30 PM
Born on New Year’s Eve 2006 for a one-time show, Flannigan’s Right Hook has gone on to entertain private & corporate audiences throughout the country, as well as numerous Midwest Clubs and Festivals year-round, and was officially declared “KANSAS CITY’S BEST LOCAL BAND” in 2018, by Pitch magazine. Flannigan’s Right Hook offers a broad musical genre that includes Bluegrass, Country, Rock, and Celtic favorites (as well as a little pop culture thrown in). The entertainment value is boosted by dynamic originals blending all those roots, their entertaining presentation of covers, and an audience connection that makes them more than just an Irish band; more than a cover band; and, not just Country, Bluegrass, or Rock. They are truly the perfect entertainment for everyone. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and at FlannigansRightHook.com
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