The Elders

The Elders

Date: Sept 01, 2024
Time: 9:30 PM

“The Elders" remain one of the top Celtic-rock bands in the U-S after 24 years because of their timeless sound. It’s their passion, great melodies, unique harmonies, unparalleled musicianship and strong song-writing that keeps them connected.

And that songwriting began in 1998 when two musicians moved back from L.A. to Kansas City to play Irish music. Norm Dahlor and Brent Hoad, played in numerous bands but their American and Celtic-folk rock roots were calling and The Elders were born.

Their most recent studio album, number 9, “Well Alright Then”, released in March, was conceived after the band retired and the country experienced a lockdown. The band had not intended on recording again but did so in honor of guitarist Steve Phillips, who urged them to finish the album. Phillips recorded all of his vocals and musical parts before he passed in 2020.

“Well Alright Then”, their 9th album, includes the unique story-telling the band is well-known for, with stories of love, loyalty and Irish feistiness.

From an Emmy-Award Winning DVD, to an induction into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame and to a PBS concert televised across the U-S, The Elders are still going strong because of their powerful, personal and musical chemistry.

Reviewed in numerous publications such as PASTE Magazine, Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange, Music Row Magazine, Goldmine Magazine, TRAD Magazine (France), Chicago Sun-Times, The Kansas City Star and more, the band still remains a recognizable music force.

The Elders are Ian Byrne, lead vocals and percussion, Kian Byrne, vocals, drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar and mandolin, Norm Dahlor, vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, Diana Ladio, vocals, fiddle, William "Liam" Latas, vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar and Daniel Loftus, vocals, keyboards, bass guitar.

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The Elders
Sept 01, 2024 | 9:30 PM

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