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About KC Irish Fest

Our Mission

It is the mission of Kansas City Irish Fest to graciously provide our local and regional community with the best, friendliest and most enjoyable Irish cultural weekend in Kansas City by creating and presenting the best blend of music, education and (great) craic.

Kansas City Irish Fest is committed to:

  • Presenting family-friendly entertainment, activities and products
  • Providing opportunities for Irish organizations to promote positive & peaceful causes
  • Perpetuating the study and appreciation of Irish history and genealogy
  • Developing and cultivating opportunities for leadership and volunteerism
  • Deepening a sense of community among Irish Americans and all ethnic groups that contribute to the unique flavor and vitality of the Midwest
  • Bringing the heart of Ireland to the heart of Kansas City

Kansas City Irish Fest is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the culture, music, character and history of Ireland and of the Irish people who call Kansas City home. Now planning our 22nd year, the Kansas City Irish Fest was born of the merger of two successful, smaller neighborhood events, the Brookside and Westport Irish fests. Located in the heart of Kansas City on beautiful Crown Center Square, KCIF regularly hosts around 75,000 of our closest friends and soon-to-be friends throughout the three day festival. Kansas City Irish Fest is not affiliated with, or a branch of, or managed by any retail or wholesale business, local or otherwise. We are not organized by, operated by or a chapter of any group, union or organization other than our own. KCIF is almost 100% volunteer staffed, and is grateful for the help of nearly 1,000 volunteers annually.

The Board of Directors of Kansas City Irish Fest

  • Executive Director: Keli O’Neill Wenzel
  • President: Brian Purcell
  • Vice-President: Matt Scanlon
  • Treasurer: Mary McCalla
  • Secretary: Sean Alpert
  • Director: Erin Gabert
  • Director: Chris Migneron
  • Director: Lauren McCluskey
  • Director: Brian Carpenter
  • Director: Jay Burrus
  • Director: Kieran Pemberton
  • Director: Sean Alpert
  • Director: Diane Gallagher
  • Director: Dustie Mejia

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