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Find The Cow Contest

A shamrock-spotted cow has been the KC Irish Fest’s mascot since 2004. Thirteen local illustrators have interpreted our iconic livestock since then. In honor of our 20th year, we’re turning the herd loose on Kansas City. On the 20th of each month from now until Fest weekend, follow the clues to find four of our cows grazing around town. Each cow will have a QR code. Scan it and enter to win a pair of Fest tickets!

Four winners will be chosen each month.
Monthly winners will be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing for an Ultimate Fest Fan Weekend Package!

New cows and locations will come out the 20th of each month April - August

Package Includes:
A one night stay at a Kansas City Irish Fest hotel
Two whiskey tasting tickets
Two Irish breakfast tickets
Two VIP passes for Saturday and Sunday

Must be 21+ to Enter

April 20th Clues

LOCATION 1: The place may be new, but the namesake owners are no strangers to hungry Irish Festers. You may have sampled their work at our legendary Irish breakfast or watched them work their magic in a cooking demo on the Irish Fest Heritage Stage. Hurry over before the Irish and American partners at this Brookside eatery turn our cow into their famous cottage pie!
LOCATION 2: After our soggy start on the muddy banks of the Missouri in 2003, Irish Fest packed up and headed south to the urban shopping, hotel, and entertainment oasis that we’ve called home ever since. We love it so much there we even have a stage inside! You’ll find one of our wandering cattle there.
LOCATION 3: Founded by a Corkman the year Irish Fest turned 10, this Celtic kitchen and public house has become the home for Irish sports, great food, creamy pints, and mighty craic. They now boast three locations around town, and you can find one of our herd at the southernmost of those three.
LOCATION 4: While we try to avoid politics here at Irish Fest (we're members in good standing of the Party Party) we are very fond of this particular Governor. We can't think of another politician who serves up Wado Cheese Fries and an Uncle Paddy Melt. No wonder one of our cows mooved over there!

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